Friday, September 10, 2010

Its 2.35am. And i just came back from Kak Ana's house with my friends. I thought of not going. But since lokman called asked me to come down. So i come down. Brother ride me there. Few minutes Zal joined. Sebok je eh kau. LOL. So the clan enjoy the atmosphere. Open House mahh, so must be kecoh. Instead, the old people watched Star Wars and the young generation play inside the room. Haaha. Very fun i tell you. GeeGee already noisy, plus me*TWO THUMBS UP*

At 1am, we went down to chilled with the clan. Then one by one went home. Caused don't want to miss the last bus. But instead, they took taxi. Haaha. Then lokman, Zal and GeeGee accompanied me until my brother came and fetched me. Sweet right(: I just love them.

Nearly 2am, brother reached _|_  Fcuking late. Then the rest went to looked for taxi. Reached home, just washed face and updating my blog(:  Overall, i had a good time since morning till now. I love today, i love raya, i love people and i love everybody:B

xoxo Farah