Sunday, September 12, 2010

Its the third day of raya today. And my family haven't went out for raya. People just can't stop coming to my house. Haaha. Because Grandmummy staying with us. Anw, cousin lend his FB account  to me since i don't have one. I will never have one. For me, toooooo complicated.

Back to my point. I went to FB-ing my friends. From ITE to secondary to outside friends. I was smiling at first. Looking at my secondary school mates. Wahhh, sume dah jambu and handsome. I think i still look the same. Haaha. They all grown up so fast. The hair, the face, the make-ups etc. This year Hari Raya outing, confirm will be awkward. LOL. Seems so different. Never expected that some of them changed from some Geeks to Matreps. Haaha. I'm not pointing finger here but its the fact. And like cousin said some of the guys step abang-abang.Trying to show that they are all grown-up and matured-.- Just writing down what he said that was true to me.

I'm not trying to be bad during hari raya. But sometimes, by looking at them, just make me sick of them. Anw, i'm not looking foward to this year outing. Seems like i'm not fit to be there? Guess so. Anyway, burah also haven't confirm the outing. Cause it's her birthday coming soon.  So she'll be busy.

PS: sometime, i need to let go of you. cause i know, you still love your ex. i hate to see you with her. but what to do. you still deeply in love with her eventhough she dumped you.