Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today, i went to at 10.30am. I forced myself okay. Reached work at 11.ooam exactly. Lucky it's near. Hehe. Work was boring cause there's no customer in the morning. But still, time passed so fasst. I'm glad it was fast(:

Ended work at 5.00pm. Jing Er could not come to work. So Lokman work alone. Pity but i could not extend my time. Since i'm going later. Cab home cause im lazy too wait for mrt then bus -.- Reached home saw cousins under the block. Haha. So went up together. Its a full house just now. Anw, after they went home, mommy asked to dressed up then went out before anyone come to our house. Haha!! Then w3e went at least 3 house. i get 30bucks. I love being the only girl:B

Went home straight cause daddy sister coming home. Okay its a full house already.

xoxo Farah