Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mummy and Daddy just told me that Daddy need to go for eye operation.
Yesterday i didn't get the chance to meet them at home. Cause i came home late and everyones asleep already. There's something wrong with Dad's eye. It's not the pupil, i don't know what. Mummy and Daddy went check-up every month.They went, and Daddy complains about his left eye. He can't see, blurr. Doctor check, and there's something worng with the white part. So doctor advise him to go for operation as soon as possible. I asked him..

Me: Dad, are you scared?
Dad: Of course lah! Operation lah seyy.
Me: I think i'm more scared than you. HAHA.
Dad: Crazy, look whose going for operation, you? HAHA.

We had a good time talking just now for our lunch. And Mummy say Daddy scary cat :B

 The date is 8 October):