Sunday, September 19, 2010


Dear Hajar, i never thought that Zal would do that to you. Cause he looked so innocent by the way he talk and his attitude. Nevermind, at least you have Shab right? I thought Zal was the right guy for you. By the way he treat you. Well, that was for the time being only, i guess. Guys always treat you like a tissue. When they want you, they used you. When they found a new one, they throw you. Hopefully, Shab not that kind of guy okay(:
I saw him. Went i went down the escalator, i saw him sitting down at Titanic. I hate him, I don't wanna see his face.
I need another story, Something to get off my chest, My life gets kind of boring, Need something that i can confess.
--One Republic, Secrets
There are a lots of M&M under my block now. There're singing and laughing like it's their house. Kalau nyanyi kat bawah block, bile mau maju dek??
I want to buy Vans new design shoes. I'm aiming at one maroon and one dark blue shoes. I'm getting both at the end of this month. Tee Hee!~
Listen guys, it kills your sperm. So stay away, or you don't have kids
Haha. Just kidding:B
My dream bike. I don't know what license should i take. If bike, i get this and it must be RED!
My dream car. And it must be in RED please!
Somehow, i miss chatting on the phone with someone.
Ignore what worte in the picture.
Anw, i also miss the old time, when fad, adil, man, and rif chat together. awwww...
I'm gonna play pool tmr with gang 11.
I fight with Burah for this one girl. Now i and her realised that we are just wasting our time fighting over her. Cause in the end, she found new friends and dumped both of us. How fcuking stupid is that?