Wednesday, September 29, 2010


 Uncle angry when salesgirl at Bata never severed him.
My comment: Relax lah uncle. You think Bata not busy mehh. If you buy Pedro shoes nevermind uh. _|_
 Women angry when girl hair touches her arms.
My comment: this women like knnccb. -.-
 Students in school uniform engage.
My comment:  Teenagers nowadays are so daring.
 Another student in school uniform kissing and hugging.
My comment: Lucky it's not student from WRSS. If not, Mrs Kok kill you. LOL.
Teenager wear this for Hari Raya.
My comment: Bra too expensive, no money buy singlet.
Korean women without make-up.
My comment: Guys, check if your GF wore thick make-up. Well, if ugly nevermind. As long as she have a pure heart. Cehhhh~


Anyway, today i saw two familiar faces. One was Don! (: He was walking pass my work place. He look at me twice then realised it was me. I was waving at him so excitedly. LOL. Old friend mahh. Didn't know that we would met at ITE. Haaha. Next person was Kamarul. Was going home at that point of time. When someone smile at me at the other side of the escalator. And it was Kamarul! Da besar kau eh. Makin handsome. Hahaa~

Today, i saw a lot of woman pregnant. 0.0 Season, i think.
Also, a lot of couple passed by too. Some went up to played badmiton together. Awww..LOL!
 Uhm, tomorrow working morniing again.  Boooo): By the way, Gain City guys just can't stop going toilet. Hahaa. Got bladder problem ahh? Keep passing by our workplace then go toilet. LOL.

PS: i miss\hamizan. i don't know why i have this feeling):