Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stupid Bitch.

I don't know why nowadays people mouth just cannot shut the fcuk up. Well, the other day there's two guy who step abang-abang who gossip about me. Now two minahs bitch about me. My blog is not private. So if you reading this, too bad ah. Tsk. Can't you people just shut your big fat mouth up. You think what uh, your friend all mat-reps can make me scared ah. Call my gang 999 then you know. Stupid. Depan-depan step good girl ah. Belakang sume bobal taik. Mentang-mentang lawa ade duit banyak ingat kau bagus per. Please k, like i said. Betulkan pakaian kau, perangai kau and bobal kau THEN baru kau bobal pasal aku k. Ade hati cakap aku berubah sume. Pain in the ass sak pompan macam gini. Tsk _|_