Thursday, September 16, 2010

This post is for the girl whose big mouth on the forehead, nose on the cheek and eyes behind the head(:

I know that the two guy that you approach whenever there's problem they are so humble. Won't fight back so you're  not that scared. Why don't you attack the ones who owns the blog? No pussy is it? I'm not trying to make the matter worse. But somehow you're so irritated when i looked at you. Yes, maybe i'm interfering this matter. Since you protect your friend why not i protect my friend too. Cannot ah? When my friend talk about your friend, let them settle theirself. We friend should stay out.

I'm wanna let it all out. I'm not gonna sit down and shake leg while you talk shit to my friend.
Now you know that you are cruel, it is good if you give a damn. You know yourself well(:
Now, let me get this clear, who ask you to fight back? Did we, no or yes? So if you're not happy reading our blog. Then stop STALKING our blog. I know that our blog are so famous that you can't stop reading and be so kepo, right? Thanks. But i don't need you reply THROUGH my friend.

PS: Don't drag the matter and make it worse. Cehhh, farah fierce sia:D