Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To my dearest beloved friend,
We're friends for 8 years plus and still counting. And i'm glad that we bump into each other and became friends since primary school. After 8 years knowing you, yesterday was the first ever story that you told me that was touching. Like seriously. You have been talking crap all the time in school. Haaha. Cheer up shorty. Anyway, i love how you treat her as a boyfriend. And you're different from the way you treat others. Haaaa. Kau garang/fierce with others. Stupid coli(:
Don't sad-sad k. Maybe one day she realise that what you did to her was sincere. She may not realise now. Should give her time to cure and you to change. Jia Yo!
Okay, hon nak end this speech by saying 'Sometime if you love the person, you need to give her time so that she realise that you're sincere to her.'
Actually coli realise tak yang hon repeat ape hon cakap? HAHAHAHA!
Okaylah, pape coli text hon k. 
I love you buddy.