Monday, September 20, 2010

Today, i never make it to meet gang 11. Hahahaaaa. I woke up late Totally late. No kidding. So instead of staying at home. I text Burah to meet me. Cause i wanna grab my Vans Classic shoes. So meet her at 4.00pm at BNS. Followed her to Civic to paid her mom bills. Then train to Bishan. Grab lunch at KFC. Can you like imagine, having late lunch with your No.1 enermy during secondary school. Hahahaa. After that, we went to Royal Sporting House to grab my Vans Classic. Reach there, the maroon shoe was like heaven to me:B

I bought the shoes(: I loooike. Brother told me that he's gonna wear the shoes. I kick your ass first can? Hahaaa. We then walked around J8. Saw some familiar face at school. They looked at me like saw a ghost. Anw, train down to AMK. Went to AMK Hub. Went to those Korean shop. Cause Bura wanted to survey laces dress etc etc. She bought tops and skirt. We went to Watson. She bought make-up powder, mascara. She bought for maybeline lip gloss and nail polish(: I love her.
Chilled at Coffee Bean. Bought drinks and camwhore. Taking picture, talked about guys, talked about fashion, ideal guy etc. After had enough, we train down to Woodland. The train was fcuking packed i tell ya_|_
Reached, went straight to Civic to chilled. Talked all things that came to our minds first thing. Even stupid or random questions and opinion. Then we headed home at 11.00pm. Overall, i had a good time(:  Next outing, at the end of the month k. I belanja you back:B