Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today my pay-day! (:

I cannot wake up early in the morning. So yesterday on the phone, i asked Burah to called me at 9am. So i can wake up. Hahaaa. I dragged myself off the bed. After all the toooot, went out. Anyway, i bring my mummy cooking to work! Yeay, they like it. I worked alone. And that is equal boring. I do some cleaning and delivery came. Aiyah uncle, 18 carton-.-

After worked, i meet up with Burah at BNS. Then we went to Watson to buy her stuff. And i, in the other hand, bought make-ups(:  And it cost a BOMB! Wahpiangeh! Then went to 77th Street. To get my dreamcatcher necklace((: Double the happiness. Wanted to buy more stuff there. But our dearly BFF message me. And he is happy about something. He should be sad by the way. Haha.

Then we meet them up! Coincedence, Fai and Amat was there too. Amat like pregnant 7 months. LOL! Da nak beranak call aku k. HAHA! We headed to some place to seat down. Its been a long time since i meet Hasif. Webcam je. And his hair ROCK! I like the colour of the red part. Yummmms~

Suddenly, i feel hungry. And its my treat. I'm not self-fish like some of my classmate_|_
Last month, i treat them Timezone. This month, MacDonals~ Cannnn whaaat. So walked to Admiralty. Talked some stuff. And sometime, i wonder something. Nevermind. We sat there quitefor  a long time before we planned to go Hasif house. Wait, before that Amat house but cancel. So we went to Hasif's crib. Amat went home halfway. Nak jage anak kat dalam perut lah tu. HAHA! Joking k Mat. Left Fai, Me, Burah and Hasif. We to his house to watch this show. I don't wanna talked about it. Ghost story. Eeeeee..

Uhm, something just kept me thinking. Why do i suddenly spent more with the people i spent less during secondary school. While i spent not even few minutes with the people i close with during secondary school. And also, something bothers me about what they talking at Mac-.-

ps: i think he like her. i can see you know(:

Dear him, I LIKE YOU! I stalk your facebook okay. LOL!