Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yesterday, i and haz took train back towards Jurong. And we saw this guy. Keept looking at us. And i said, 'Ape sak tengok-tengok. Da lah mate lolok.' in a loud tone. We thought he heard us. That's why he turn and face us. And he is malay. And today, we met him in school. Haz noticed that he wore earpiece annotated. Which i think for some who have hearing problems. Indeed, i feel really BAD. Like really BAD. He seems like a good guy to me. LOL. And i feel like saying sorry. Really.


I overheard their songs in radio just now. Since Raya is coming, their songs are the HITS. Eventhough the guy in the picture had passed away middle of this year, his song since he first started are still the best. After hearing their song just now. I straight away on the laptop and Youtube all of his songs. I still remember i was crazy of the guy with my primary school friends. He left us with a shock. Well, he had an accident and he died on the spot.

Early morning, i was preparing to leave the house to school. When brother told me that Achik Spin died. I was like 'Haha. Funny.' Then he showed his Iphone,Facebook. Where the news are all over it. I did cried. Cause i think he has the best voice among all Jiwang songs. Eventhough i'm not into Jiwang, i still ike his songs. Okay. I want to Youtube for his songs now. Hari Raya will be in 1 freaking more day.

I went to Geylang just now with mom and brother. Bought some last minutes stuff. Went back home late for breakfast. Haha. And i'm done with the curtains, wash the crystal etc. Tmr i plan not to go school. Haha. Cause malay student go back at 12am. So what for i come for only 4hrs. I can sleep rather than go school. The feeling SUCKS ya know? -.-

xoxo Farah