Sunday, October 17, 2010

i feel like deleting my blog. and use tumblr.
i want!
i want to dye my hair like her hair. hehe~
i never wear kebaya in my whole life. next year, i try to wear. da kakak-kakak perrrr.
setuju? SETUJU!
now, i thought of doing soft-rebonding.
i want to go shopping at Forever 21 soon.
Everlast got sale! can't wait!

First brother bought this 2 days back for $140 -.-
i want to watch.
But the thing is, i always say 'i want to watch this movie!'. Ended up, i watch nothing.
He invented Facebook. And he's a billionaire now.
I wonder why i never think of creating FB. so i can be a billionaire too. HAHA!~
i haven't watch this show):
can i have this dance?
my two favourite football player(:
tomorow i'm going to Burah's house. I, Burah and her mom going to bake cookies together.
can't wait!(;
today and tomorow my off days. today went go out. Only met Fai under my block. Since he wants to do his project, but no camera. I lend him for a few days. First brother treat his sibilings KFC! Weeee~! And my whole body itchy for the whole day. it suck.