Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Alhamdulilah. For now, i and my bestie are okay. I hope there's no more misunderstanding. Amin.

Morning! Morning! Morning! I'm so lazy to wake up early in the morning for work. What to do? Attachment mahh. I reached work at 9.30am. Do opening myself. And spent the whole morning alone. Doing cleaning. And there's a guy.My first ever customer today. He look like chinese but he speak malay when i talked to him. He bought shoes and socks, total cost $75.90. He paid by nets. And his name Redzuan Wee. Nowadays, there are so many people mix. I like how they look like. Hee.

Sam came to the store. Accompany when he wants to run away from the paper or go smoke break. He came and he thought of buying one bag. I told him 'Borong ah satu kedai. So aku ade sale.' Hahaha. He laughed. Lokman came at 1plus. Soon after Jing Er came. Then Lokamn teach me some of the basic things for attachment. Then Afiqah came at 4. We rarely talked today): Cause i was busy with delivery and she is busy with serving customers. Reached home. Brother msg-ed me. Asked me to tag along with him go shopping. I'm tired, so i didn't follow him.

Then my bestie msg-ed asked me to tag along with him to go karaoke. I thought of going. LOL. But i'm tired. After watching some shows, i fall asleep. First brother carry me to sleep at his bed. Hahaa. Or the sofa will be wet. Haha. Woke up, brother told me 2 guys called. And he thought my boyfriend. I was like, "If it was my boyfriend, i would not stay home. I will go out with him." Then he shuttup. LOL! Tomorow i'll be working 10 to 4. Wake up early again):  Dear burah, if you're reading this. Call me at 8am k. Help me to wake up myself. Heee~~

PS: i may not be so fierce to you. But once you go over my limit, i don't care if you're my friend or my sibilings, i would not treat you nice as i treat you before. get this.