Wednesday, October 13, 2010

totally cute!
wan lashey ~.~
simon: 'that time i buy shoe. can change anot?'
me: 'cannot. ... haha. can lah.'
simon: 'change one get 2 back can? HAHA!'
me: 'cannn. you give me one milo ice free. HAHA!'

i put my personal message as 'simon'.
GG was like, 'he is married lah'. LOL
my cat got fever)':
ouh look! hidetoshi nakata. my favourite calvin klein model ~.~
today at work. Lokman, Dini and i saw this malay girl whose boody covered with lots and lots of tattoo. I wonder if she regret. She should be my age or older than me by 1 year. She's pretty, but sayang badan tak lawa.
recently, i just met with my friend's cousin, Mis. He used to be a mat rep, he pierce here and there. And when i met him. Shockingly, he change to a better person(:

me: 'lain per kau mis?'
mis: 'biasa ah sis. Da besar and lebih matang.'
me: 'look who's talking now?'
mis: 'haha.'
me: 'asal kau da lain gile ah? tak bedek sah. dulu rambut blonde. hidung kau tindik. sume kat muke kau lah kau pena tindik.'
mis: 'haha! aku tak nak lagi di-label as mat rep. aku nak relek. sampai bila aku nak orang tengok aku as a bad person.'
me: 'wahh. bagus, maju kau.'
mis: 'da serik ah.'
me: 'bagus ah. at least aku tak malu keluar ngan kau.'

Still remember, we got chalet. In the middle of the night, we played true or dare. He was dared to lick Kak Ifa's leg. HAHA!
i realised that some mat reps are handsome. omg, can't believed i just said that.
guys singing 'isabelle' by amy search under my block. two thumbs up. haha!
prison break
simon baker. i love the mentalist.
you know how romantic if you go rollerblading with your boyfriend?
too bad i don't know how to play. i want to learn!
first brother want to buy another camera. my sony is for special occasion. and nikon for holiday or adventure. weeee!~
i misplaced brother's engagement ring. ohman, i die. byebye.
yeah! tomorow i'm meeting GG after she finish her work. And Fai tag along. can't wait. Shhhhh..
i planned to buy iPhone4 by end of this month. But Sam told me iPhone5 coming out next year. He advise me to wait(:
i love him. i like his music. i want to meet him and i want him to sing for me(:
byebye bruno. i got new boyfriend, travie mccoy.
i want to me you boys (:

all these peace neklace and ray ban sunglasses are common nowadays. -.-
out of a sudden, Hasif became so happy. I wonder why.
Kau menang 4D ehk? LOL.
Good lah if you're happy. Aman dunia ini tau(:
someone's birthday coming. i don't know what to get for her.
i want my bedroom to be covered by hello kitty.
but i'm sleeping with my brothers. i wonder how they feel sleeping inside a bedroom filled with hello kitty. HAHA!