Sunday, October 31, 2010

but till then, i wait for love which comes naturally.
dear *****, i got this feeling that we're meant to be together.but we're just scared to face it, don't you think so?
i can't wait for tuesday, going town with my girlfriend. Gonna buy sundress together-gather(:
for all my dearest best friend, you know who you are.
(current bestfriend, not my old best friend)
i like being with my friends, but i love being with my best friends(:
i don't know what should i do next year. i and mitchell think of taking visual communication. hmm..
i need new dress..
my used-to-be-girlfriend dumped me. i don't want to get dump again. please.
hasif, remember. I .. L .. O .. i love lollipop! :D
my boyfriend is hasif and fairuz. LOL.
i like her hair, i like both her tops and i like her shade!
i need to go shopping. seriously! but i have no time):
i won't forget my best friend and i hope my best friend won't forget about me. hehe~
we do fight, but one of us will give in. haha.
i meet fairuz just now. give back my camera. Then he walked with me till 962 bus. i asked him for some advise. what should i do next year. after 6 december. gonna meet him asap! going to talk things out. he's busy with exam. good luck bestie.
dear cinta, i love you
this is cute. lets blow bubble.
*blob, blob*
love the shot. love the atmosphere:D
i give him enough clue/hint that i like him -.-
everytime i meet them, i laugh my ass out. but my ass still intact with my body(:
when is the time when a guy look me in the eye like this LOL
homygosh! i feel like crying reading this )':
i want him!
alalalalala, sweet nyer. tapi haram. hahaha
i don't know why i post this picture -.-
eheh, cute nyer
i like this picture. ALOT!
its been a long time, since i watch movie with my date. haha.
Last movie was, dear john.
should i make move?
i'm in love with him. i love his voice. he's an indian guy. interesting concept
i prefer her old time then now
i miss drinking this after school. went straight to junction8 and buy.
'Uncle, give me one milk tea, large, 50% sugar with extra pearl.'
i msg burah. but she didn't reply. why eh?
homygosh! botak jones, cajun chicken \m/
hai bunga, tak pernah orang bagi kau kat aku. haha.
hahahahaha .. kanina.
seriously, he don't know that i'm giving him enough clue/hint that i like him -.-
btw, not tumblr, blog. hehe
be careful of you words, darling
white hair, still hadsome lah
dear one, kau senyum i melt inside. LOL
i like this photo very much. very the meaningful
hasif used to eat this at 5 in the morning. haha(:
suke ah lelaki kencing. haha
if you know i'm talking to you. anything, kiss my through the phone k. haha.
to you.
you would not know how much i love and care for you after all those years, you noob.
okay, i don't know why i post alot today. haha. it's 2.49am. going to sleep.
lastly, friends out there, don't smoke. hahaha. bye(: xoxo