Sunday, October 10, 2010

ITS 1O.1O.1O



Today i reached work at 9.30am. And i do opening alone. I used to talked on the phone while opening cause i'm scared of the dark. Since today noone wants to accompany me. I brave myself. Cehhba! Haha. Dini came at about 10.10 or 10.05? I don't know. Then customer starts to come. At 1plus, Lokman came. Mummy came to my workplace to send food. Cause i didn't bring money. So sweet(: Dini eat first  followed by Lokman then me. Hajar came. They went for smoking first before i and Dini went home.

At 4, i and Dini went back. BYE HAJAR! lol. I and Dini went to Marsiling back. Cause she need to changed her pants to a bigger size. Actually she's not fat, only the pants she bought, wrong size. Haha! Saw Rifdi's brother and his girlfriend.While walking, saw my ex-boyfriend sitting with his friend. Ow! Anyway, went to KFC eat. Saw some delivery guys. I saw Heikal but not Hidayat. Heikal was singing "Train is coming, train is coming, train is cominnnnnnnnnnnnng!" HAHA. I and her sat there for quite sometime.We joke and laughed like its our parents shop. And we saw this nyonya, mother of two. Digging her nose and her son was looking at her -.- HAHHAHAHAHA!

Went back to survey some stuff. And home sweet home(: