Saturday, October 16, 2010

how many more years should i wait for you?
if you didn't join us during secondary 2. don't even think that you're gonna be famous like now. remember that k.
look at columbia train station map. complicated right?
ours is much better(: i love singapore.
i would kill myself if i know that story long ago. now get me thinking, why i'm so desperate for you last time.
i'm a loner.
 i wonder how they can get along so well, after what she did to him.
its been a long time since i use my earpiece
mummy hate girls who smoke, and so do i.
i can't wait to season my Vans shoes.
i was working and i was shock to see my friend 16years old with her baby boy, her huband and her maid.
*jaw opening*
husband haven't NS, mat rep, no job but got maid
confirm mak sponsor -.-"
i want to watch this movie. bye.