Sunday, October 24, 2010

I feel like crying.
Brother came back home and told me about something which shocking. It's about Sakinah. Brother told me, she commit suicide. I'm damn shock and cry. I and Brother can't think of any reason why she did it. She's bubbly and a happy girl. Eventhough i don't knw her that much, brother talk alot about her during his secondary year. Although she look bad to others, brother and i don't even consider her as a bad person. She's a nice girl indeed. It was a very shocking news for the both of us.

RIP Noor Sakinah Bte Ismail. Moga Allah SWT mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohmu.
All you need is strength.
Sometime it's fair and sometime it's not.
 Ok. Lets shake things up. And move on.