Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i had a very fcuk up day today. Wanna know why?
Mummy have been nagging since evening. And when she nag, and when i talk back. She will say that i mix around with bad people. Talk bad about my friends. I hate when she nag at me and she involves my friends. Kebabai.
Since noone fetch me from work like other people. I took taxi to go home since the 962 bus damn late. And i'm tired. The taxi driver damn disgusting. The uncle dig his nose while driving and he sneeze loudly without covering his nose\mouth. When he comes to a stop, he break like your heart can come out. I'm pissed off since i'm tired and he drive like that _|_ When i asked him to stop after the traffic light. He stopped at the bus stop. Which i need to walk back to the traffic light to cross over. Cibai kebabai.
i had a good sleep yesterday. but i need to dragged myself out from the bed at 8 in the morning. Damn. And today, i need to get more rest. Cause tomorrow, i finish work at 2 in the morning-.- Got stock take. Anyone care to drive me home? (:
i had a bad hair day today. Why? Cause i never straighten my hair before i go to work. Haiya. Damn curly.
tomorrow i need to go polyclinic. i need to see the doctor. my white spots are getting worse on my face. i look ugly. urgh!~ anyone free tomorrow morning? accompany me? Heehe.
i woke up in the morning and realised that a pimple just grew directly on my nose-.-"


i feel like doing my hair like her.
i wanna use red lipstick. but i'm not fair.
O.P.I nail polish o.o i love the blue colour! 24bucks each. Haiya!
Eyecandy ~.~