Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i have butterfly in my stomach when i saw naw yehsal

Time now checked. Its 4am in the morning. I just came back home from work. I'm tired but i'm not sleepy. Today, i didn't go polyclinic cause i woke up late. Haha. So i think i'm going tomorow, alone or with brother. Today i start work at 4pm. Afiqah was there since morning. Lokman went office to prepare things that we're going to do later on. Abang-abang gain city was cute but irritating. Story behind it. Haha. Afqah went back at 5. Left me and Kak Ana. Then Lokman came back from office. And we immediately start scanning all the shoes box in the store and outside the store.

My eye making my head dizzy. By scanning the barcode one by one. We stop at 10pm. To have our dinner today. Then at 11pm, we start again. We finish at 3am after that we went to MacD to have our supper or breakfast. Since Lokman wants to drink. We went home sweet home after that. Okay, i want to talk to my darling. My cat, MIMI. Long time never sleep or talk to him. Hehe!~