Friday, October 15, 2010

i know whooooooooooooo!
ouh please!
HAHAHAHAHAHA! always happend urgh!
i love guys with tattoo. ^_^
i like guys who's photogenic and likes to take photo of me (:
i like her shirt, mayyyyne!
i'm in love with this heels. where can i find this?
if i wear this, i'll be freaking tall.
and it's RED!
sorry ah eh bro. kau kan da ade kawan baru? konek kau.
i always remember. when i go to date, never ever eat oreo.
Nanti kite senyum ade chocolate kat gigi.
my ambition is to be an stewardess(:
ow! i kiss my cat everyday. when i wake up, when i want to go out, after i finish eating, when i'm playing laptop, when i'm lying bed with it, after i went to the toilet, when i watch the tv, when i want to sleep, after bathing .. what else?
i love them, i envy them.
sometime i do this. it's just because i don't want to show that i like that guy.
I would swing my 'beautiful' hair, act arrogant and don't look at him. haha.
sometime i do this at my 4years crush. that's why he don't know that i like him for sooo long(:
That's my character. hehe!~

yeah, i'hv top up my prepaid.k bye i want calling calling(: