Saturday, October 30, 2010

i like to tied my hair bun high up. look sexy. LOL.
everyday i ron my hair, by 30 i botak.
wait okay. tuesday i come visit you.
i was in the bus. i saw one cute chinese guy riding this bike. Hahhhhhhhh, i melt.
but i prefer guys who drive car. heh.
i used to buy this after school ended. Buy at kedai mam. haha.
one-oh-one, ingat lamborghini? ):
one-oh-one, i cannot move on
one-oh-one, i very shy when we first bump into each other. LOL
i want to bump into you again liao(:
i'm in love with this movie. the romance, the sacrifice and the tears which touch me.
lace dress and meat dress -.- whats' next? .. naked.
katy, why you so preety?
love them. so low profile. no gossip.
Don't take drugs.
i'm not impress by this. This scare me, a lot. i'm scare when i look at him. i don't want to meet him. eeee.
when i look at some girls who smoke, it looks cool. totally, i feel like trying. but i don't want to waste 11bucks for it. I can buy 10packets of nasi lemak a anana's. LOL
i do lie, but i don't want to drink or do things that against my religious(:
do it after marriage. if you get pregnant, if don't have to worry :B
Happy Halloween!
Damn, never go spooktacular sentosa. got work, dayummn!
*jaw open* kevin, what happend?