Thursday, October 14, 2010

i want to be his favourite HELLO and his hardest GOODBYE. "
its been a long time since someone say i am beautiful.
HAHA. Perasan pe -.-'
i had a good time today. Last minute plan with burah.
We had lunch together. Then window shopping.
Went to civic to chilled. Ended up bumping to Irfan and Asri. And the fun part was their Burah's cousin.
What a small world! i love how we spent our time together till midnight. Lets meet up again.
And crack jokes together. But please, don't talk about 'the topic' again. HAHA.
i need someone. but i'm not desperate. i'm just jealous looking at couples. it suck ya know?
okay, i kept bumping at him. And i can't made up my mind. Burah asked me to add him at msn.
Should i or should i not add him at msn?
NO! i should not.