Thursday, October 28, 2010

i was about to msg him but i delete what i write.
i get my pay already! give 2 days, and the money gone. LOL.
i'm into guys who longboard (:
Baby you're a fireworks - katy perry
camping, anyone?(:
i don't know if i should be jealous or not with her. She have everything. She loves him and he loves her. But none stood up and say that he/she like hom/her. While i'm being the stupid one who likes a guy which of my league. I can sense that they like each other too. By the look, the girl is waiting for the guy to confess to her that he like her. Here am i being jealous. I try not to, cause jealous is the most thing Allah hate.
a guy saying 'would you marry me', is a girl dream come true. 
out of every wedding dress, i love this. Simple and sweet.
i don't know why i'm feeling-feeling of getting married. Da gatal, LOL.
 i love what the groom is wearing
homygosh. this is so cute. if i have this for my wedding, noone can eat. only for display. hehe~
by the look, simple, elegant, expensive when you where with it.
dear whoever my husband, i want to go Paris,France for our honeymoon(:
okay, stop daydreaming.
somehow, his face makes me turn on. seriously.
me: 'lelaki handsome mane yang nak tengok muke buruk alah ni. mane dorang pandang.'
mummy: 'tak semestinye semua.'
me: 'you got that wrong k bu.kalau da handsome, hati macam longkang. kalau da baik hati muke macam longkang. mane lah pergi semua lelaki yang ade kesemuan nye?'
mummy: 'semua dah tua. macam ayah kau lah.'
me: 'i really want someone who is like ayah.'
mummy: 'asal? dah gatal nak kawin?! meh, bangla banyak kat bawah tunggu kau.'
me: ''HAHA! niari alah ade feeling-feeling nak kawin.'
i want to eat my favourite chips. But Daddy and Big Bother eat until finish):
Mummy msg second brother. Asked him not to come back home after he book out. Mummy fed up with him already. Every book out, he would stay overnight at his GF house -.- I hate when my second brother have a girlfriend. He easily forget family.