Monday, October 4, 2010

i'm thinking of cutting my fringe bangs.
i thought of getting off shoulder shirt tomorrow):
i love everything about her<3
Dear Haizad Imran, why aren't you like any other malay guy. Have a good job, have a good education.
There is this preety girl and a very handsome guy came into my workplace.
I and my boss was standing just beside them.

Boss: 'Fair skin and the face features look like myanmar people.'
Me: 'The guy damn handsome sia. I like!'
Boss: 'I like the girl man. Damn preety. Okay. Let's seperate both of them. You take the guy, i take the girl'*Laughs*
Me: 'Cancan.'

They went out. And came back with their parents. They were sibilings. And then worst part, they are mix. Malay and Chinese. Wahpiangeh~ I and my boss paisey already, we went inside the store room. LOL.

Me: 'They're malay lah!'
Me: 'I'm damn sure they heard us.'

After i severed them, i already know that handsome guy name. His name is Faiz! Brother army friend also Faiz. LOL. Next, better find out weather they are malay or chinese. Hahaha.
Daddy want to pamper himself by buying another car for himself. Cheverolet Cruz. Weeee!~
i used to lived at two story house. But since mummy and daddy getting older. They sell the house. And now, daddy and mummy feels like buying it back. LOL.
i feel like going karaoke with my best friends
i never been to Snow City. I want to go. Accompany me anyone?):
call me. anyone? i'm bored.
i have everything. Except love from a boyfriend. But hey, i'm still happy(:
the reason i'm single for 3 years and don't want to find a boyfriend. Is beacuse i don't want that guy to love me and later hurt me and later dump me and later i cry over him just because he dump me:B
i always listen to my ipod if i went shopping alone or going to work.
Mummy warned me not to cause i can go deaf whenn i'm old. Eeeee.. scary.
when my age is legal for clubbing. First brother want to bring me go clubbing. Eeee.. don't want, dosa. LOL! But i want to try(: