Wednesday, October 20, 2010

it's a sad thing being a girl, isn't it?
always become a spare tyre for guys. They only need me if they have no me and when they're bored.
and they're close to you for only 3 or 4 days? and they're gone without any reason.
if there's no such thing as pride.
i will tell him what i feel about him, you know.
it's been 3years i have been single with 1 lovely ex.
it's time for a change. and i have found one.
i'm so emo today. ee, i don't know why. feel so wrong. haha.
yesterday, the guy that i'm in love with asked for my number. i didn't give to him.
why? cause i'm stupid.
me: saya suke senyuman kamu
dia: senyuman sahaja, orangnya?
dia seorang lelaki yang bergelar matrep. tetapi dia lain dari yang lain. dia lebih matang dan dia pemalu. ramai wanita suka dengan nya. tetapi dia tidak mahu dengan mereka(: haha. emo sah farah, tak bedek.
burah, i need your help. i need you to listen to my story. let's meet up tmr.
i want someone to love me more than i love her. till then, you know that the love grows. - first brother(:
he's way more better than me. so i must stop dreaming of getting him.

okay. i had enough. i'm going to MIA. bye.