Monday, October 4, 2010

Just a quick update for today aights. Woke up this afternoon by Myeera and second brother. They planned to go town. But since i'm too lazy. They planned to go pool. Since there's only 3 of us. We changed planned to go Lot 1. Bought clothes, bangles and bag. Inz called asked to joined Rif, Fai and Amat to karaoke. But since i'm out with them. I cannot make it. But nevermind.

After that, brother damn desprate for ciggys. He asked me to asked Hasif. Called him and trained down to Admiralty. Meet him, buy ciggys and chilled at 622. Went to Hasif house to take his, wait, mat's guitar. LOL. Then went to meet brother at 622. Soon, brother friend,Syamir, came to joined us. Went back at 11+.

myeera, brother and syamir
i cut my fringe. Eeee, damn ugly. Regret regret regret!!~

Cause you're amazing, just the way you are!