Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nowadays, i see people doing longboarding than skateboarding.
Saw few at Esplanade yesterday. By looking at them cruising, interesting. I want to join and look at them cruising.


Miss Tiffany 2010
(left to right)
2nd Runner up, Miss Tiffany 2010, 1st Runner up
Miss Tiffany 2009
(left to right)
1st Runner up, Miss Tiffany 2009, 2nd Runner up
The contestants.
The Beauty Queens

What is Miss Tiffany?

Miss Tiffany is all about men who change their gender to become a women. They sing up for pageant only for 'Thailand Transsexual Pageant'. But they're very very, i mean very preety. Preetier than me. They don't even look like men. So jealous(: