Sunday, October 3, 2010

On friday, after worked. I met myeera at my work place. Then waited for Mummy, Daddy and Brother to picked us up. We waited for them for 1 freaking hours. After that, off to Second Brother POP(Passing Out Parade) at Bedok. Once reached there, the parade finish. Cibai Kebaibai. Then saw Second brother. And i cried straight away when i saw him. We didn't get the chance to see him doing all the marching during the parade. Damnnn! Here's the picture on that day. After that, we went to jalan kayu to have dinner as a big family.

Anyway, i'm thinking of creating Facebook since my friest brother keep asking me to create an account. Should i or should i not? I'm lazy. And FB is the "THING" nowadays. Hmm..

Tomorrow i'm off. No no no working. At last! And i asked some of my peeps to accompany me go town tomorrow. Cause i haven't go shopping yet. Since i'm a loner. I guess, i have to cancle my plan of going to town tomorrow. But wait, tomorrow Hasif maybe taking MC for tomorrrow. I asked him out, but he lazy. Noob. And brother asked me out to go Malaysia with him. I don't if i wanna follow anot. Tsk.

ps: Cibai kebabai! Kalau kau ajak aku dengan cara kau yang tak sincere. Lagi baik tak payah ajak aku kan. Palatoots. Tak gune nak mintak-mintak maaf bila raye k, cik abang

I hate people being sacarstic. If you don't like me. Tell me straight lah. Why wanna talk the other way round?