Monday, October 11, 2010

Paul Newman
He was a very famous hollywood star back in the 80's. He married a woman named Joanne. Everyone thought they never last long. But they lasted till Paul died. How touching(:
His famous qoute 'Why should i buy a Hamburger when i can have a Steak at home'

 Anyway, today worked morning alone): Then at 1plus, Lokman left the work. And went to office at Penisular. Damn. I hate when he need to go to the office. I would be alone doing nothing. Lucky there's Sam from Starhub guy. He accompany me till Afiqah came. He went back to his work. And come again to buy socks. Talked-talked till Lokman came back. They went for smoke. I stayed till 7 cause mummy, daddy and brother went to M'sia. And i'm scared alone at home. Thought of bringing friends to come my house. Marathon movie or just camwhore. But burah should be teaching her cousin tuition and Hasif should be working, i don't know.

Uhm, went back. Noone at home. I'm bored. I don't know what to do. Aiyoyo. I want to call someone but i'm scared if he scold me. LOL. Anyway, today Lokman teach me and Afiqah something. Haha. He is a Love guru. Hahahaha! This is what his and Afiqah conversation goes ..
Man: 'What is you ideal guy, girl?'
Afiqah: 'Honest ....... Perfect guy.'
Man: 'There's no perfect guy lah girl. Zaman Nabi ade lah. All guys ade sins.
Then what do you go for? Looks or heart?'
Afiqah: 'Both.'
Man:'Cannot lah. When there's guys with look, they have a busuk heart. And when you go heart, their face ugly.'
Afiqah: *LAUGHS*
And the conversation goes on and on and on. I forgot what he said. Dang! It's nearly 9pm. Noones at home. Anyone wants to go out? I'm bored. Wenk!~

i hate when i have this feeling _|_