Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things i neeeeeeed to do by end of the year:
  1. Get a gooooood result / cert from ite.
  2. Forgeeeeet about him, totally.
  3. Stop thinking of hving a boyfriend.
  4. Think of what course to take for next year. i'll consider tourism.
  5. Get a nice hair cut / perm.
  6. Loss my weight till i'm 50kg.
  7. Become tall, at least 160.
  8. Highlight my hair, dark red or light brown.
  9. Be happy eventhought people pulling my down(:
I told burah. I let it out. I would not disturb him with his life. Its over, and i mean it.
Semerah Cinta Stilleto
'Disini boleh pacing ikan, tapi saye nak pancing awak.'
today's plan:
  • Meet Burah at 3pm, BNS.
  • Went to library to read some books about Fashion. Borrow books.
  • Went to MacD. Bought lunch
  • Went to my house. Eat.
  • Marathon movies; Survivor, Lagenda Budak Setan, Semerah Cinta Stilleto & The Last Song .
  • Take pictures, Youtube-ing
  • Burah went home.
There's a guy at MacD flirting with Burah. HAHA! Burah went home at 11.30pm. I had a good day spending with her. And it's THURSDAY AGAIN, we meet. Told her, after i get my pay. I planned to go Sentosa with her. Picnik. After that, i wanna treat her Botak Jones then go shopping. I never imagine that i'll be so close with her. Thanks to teacher's day, i guess (:
I read the newspaper. More and more people have a 'anak luar nikah' baby.
I wonder why they're so itchy. You know how scary it is?
If i MIA also. I can't run away from my problems, right?
Marry. Marry. Marry. Marry. Marry. Marry.

i'm tired. i wanna sleep. xoxo.