Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today i and Kak Ana become Heroes. Cause we caught a theif. Woooohoo!~ We make our shop name become famous. Haha. But at last, stayed till 11plus to do statement -.-"
out of everything in the mall, why does she have to steal blanket? wtfuck, stupid sia.
somehow, i and kak ana like one of the police officer >.<
why do you dye your hair blue? It's easier for us to catch you when you're a theif -.-
Hasif, tak baik sah kau. Aku tunggu kau sak. Merajok ah!
Guys, please. If you don't like us, don't give us high hope and flirt with us. And make us think that you like us. End up, you like other girls. I hate when shits happend.
well stated. simple and sweet.
alamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak so cute like me >.<"
Guys reason for breaking up; ' sorry la you, i nak time off dulu uh. need time to think.'
dear heart,can you not make me fall in love so easily and stop being so easy to get cheated with guys.
i'm losing a lot of weight lately. Kind of scary.
i got this feeling of doing tatto at my right shoulder O.o
trying to be better and make him notice him. but not throught facebook. aha. inside joke.
kau da main ngan perempuan tu abeh kau lari. haha.
i like 1, 2, 3, 4 and 11
i'hv tried being a girl. wearing high heels and dresses. but it dosen't suit me. suck yo know.
i tried wearing thick makeups, but i look so fake with it -.-'
i like her short and black top. i wwant to get this!
You're so beautiful, but you don't have everything.
wan, lets start all over again, shall we?
 nak tunggu ape, nak tunggu buah kau jatuh? LOL.
Waaaah, mitch handsome already.
Anw, currently chatting with him. He got me tripping. LOL.
i want double chocolate frappe, iPhone and floral dress
my husband must know how to cook my favourite dish. Sambal goreng pengantin. HAHA.
ha ha ha. true.

okay. byebye. tomorrow gonna meet fairuz in the afternoon. ciao.