Friday, October 22, 2010

Was a happy day until i met him just now. All the feeling came back. Damn.
Burah: 'Dier tengok kau 3 kali sahh. Aku perhatikan dier from the start. Dan dier tengok kau for the last time when we went home.'
Today planned:
  • Went to work.
  • Meet Burah at platform.
  • Went to National Library but cb closed -.-'
  • Went to MacD to have lunch together-gather.
  • Walked from Marina Bay Sand to Esplanade. Cause my mistake, dropped at Marina Bay. HAHA!
  • Slacked at esplanade. Saw him o.o
  • Walked to Raffles. Went to Aldo, look for Stellito.
  • Meet him -.-' and home sweet home.
I promised to Burah that at the end of the month. We will meet up, go town. I promised her to wear dress with high heels. LOL. Cause she wants me to wear dress, haven't see before. LOL.
Gonna buy ALDO watch, $75. White leather strap with gold metal. Owwwww~
Me: 'Burah, kawan kite sekarang da main ZARA ahh.'
Burah: 'Tsk! what for you buy ZARA clothes and go around telling it. Looks cheap.'
Me: 'Kite main Bugis Street ah. LOL'
Burah: 'What for you wear branded stuff when you're young. It's better to wear cheaps clothes, but i looks expensive to you.'
Me: 'LOL'
Burah: 'When you're older, orang sume da get bored with your ZARA ZARA clothes'
Finish. Need to buy -.-
I love the brand. But i can't afford it.
I saw the exactly same kind of mini cooper at town just now. I want to buy this car. Insyallah.
I saw this parfum at Chanel boutique in a huge size. damn huge, i tell you.
hasif, kau MIA eh? Asal da lame tak denagar pasal kau?
aku rindu kau:B
I know i sleep like this, cute-mute. Hehe.