Tuesday, October 19, 2010

what's wrong with the situation of ugly girl likes handsome guy?
i don't mind if he's ugly, as long as he's bubbly(:
all guys are average/same for me.
i want to eat ice cream
i like cat with pinkish nose
this is cute.
why Andrea not farah? hehe
love the eyes!
i need someone special to spent time with
i'm a spanish chick. you know that? haha.
but i can't speak spanish.
after work, mummy and daddy fetched me from work.
then we had late lunch together at marsiling. Daddy friends, Uncle Nippon and Uncle Sahak joined us.
Mummy went to top-up cash card. When this auntie sat infront of me and daddy. She looked at us most of the time. Daddy told me that the auntie thought i'm a Indonesia girl who date my dad. -.-"
Am i that old?
Told mummy about it. Mummy laugh.Haha.

today at work, i met this old uncle who work as a barber near my workplace.
i never bump into him till today. i make friends with him. I even make lame jokes with him. Berpantun, haha.
there's this guy who is quite tanning.
he came in to my workplace to clean the air-con. After that, he asked me to sign this paper to make sure that he knows that he have clean the air-con at my workplace. I thought he is a malay. So i talked to him malay. But he reply me english. He know that i didn't know that he is a myanmar. So he told me.
I was paisey. So sign the paper quickly and give back to him. But he still standing there. I said 'yes?' He said 'miss, you took my pen' and he laugh. -.-'
dear john, i like your move. can i dance with you?
never back down. love it!
hasif, call aku. aku boring. haha.
today i went to work. Bumped into my best friend, fairuz and Amat.
We board the train together. talked some stuff.
tomorow daddy's checkup):
gooooooooooooooooooooooo LIVERPOOL! *clap clap*
here's a qoute for him : 'don't look down on people easily'
i'm very mentel now. haha! wth.
i want to try something new. should i cut my hair short?
ithis guy want to know me better. but i don't bother. but when i introduce him to a friend who is ugly. he never reply me. I actually testing him. haha. she's not even my friend. i took someone else photo. haha. that guy is such a LOSER.
macam mane dunia ni nak maju kalau ade lelaki macam kau? ish.
am i a bad person doing that to a guy? yeks!
i can't wait to go shopping
i don't know why. but i only wear dress when i'm out with family and outside friends.
not with secondary friends.
'saya mencari cinta, bukan perempuan'
i can't stop watching this show.
i want tuh b loike her. so pweety.
haha. tulis macam minah sah. ee.
Lu banyak punya handsome loh ~.~

ok bye. i want to chatchat.