Tuesday, October 12, 2010

when it rains, i want to cover you with blanket. haha.
i don't know if i'm going to be a bride one day
sometime, i don't want to go out. Cause i don't want people to see white spots on my face):
Her hair, her hair, falls perfecrtly without her trying - bruno mars
my ex. Haha.
i always stayed home doing nothing on V'day. How sad.
i want to buy all this stuff when i get my pay(:
when i get my pay. i'll make sure i and all my bestie gather. To go shisha and then..
i wonder when will i and my ite friends going to have a nice and pleasant picnik -.-
my looooooong time friend(:
"Da besar dier eh" HAHAA!
lets go for another round of Fish Mahattan. i love you, brother(:

Thursday, Sunday and Monday i off. Anyone wants to go cycling? i'm bored.
i want to go sun-tanning with burah. But i dark already. Nanti macam charcoal. Haha.
hmmm, what should i do after work tomorow..
yes, you.
pray hard, that i wake up tomorow for a new day ahead. Amin(:
saye adalah cikaro. LOL.
sometime you forgive people, simply beacuse you want them in your life.
my dream, is to witness a miracle(:
I DO. haha.
i want a guy who is very tall and i'm shorter than than him.
Haha, i like tall guys with curly hair.
i'm still sleepy eventhough i have already sleep.
i'm looking for boyfriend's shirt. found one, but not nice.
my asam pedas calling my already. i wanna eat my dinner. adios, sweets.