Friday, November 5, 2010

and i wonder if i will wake up tomorow and see my love ones.
  • burah called me after worked to meet up at 8pm.
  • went home cousins, aunty and uncle at home. makan tulang sampai habis-.-"
  • they went home, went out soon after they left.
  • meet burah, buy her personal stuff and i buy present for some birthday boy
  • went to MacD, chilled at civic(:
  • went home at 11.30pm.
saw zaini and he thought i was some girl who's interested in him. haha, wtf -.-'
kiss me and then just kill me, till i can get my satisfaction  HAHA
i'm watching MJ show at channel 5 \m/
hidung you banyak sexy hoooooo
what should i do after i blog ....
i banyak dosa tadi with burah. lol.
i kutuk perempuan sial tu macam-macam. best lah, dah let it out.
you good to me, i good to you.
you talk behind my back, i talk behind your back.
you fcuk behind me, i fcuk behind you.
you pretend to like me, i won't even pretend to like you, biatch _|_

nie lah orang, kite buat baik, dier buat taik belakang kite. knnccb.
after giving/sharing you my trust, my television(LOL!), my money, my friendship, my secrets etc etc, you just dump me and found a new family. aku tak mengira lah, cume kau jer macam babi, tak ingat jasa baik aku. bukan ke tu panggil babipukimaknabeykanina?
from now on, i won't be so kind to anyone. friends come and go. so don't care or concern about them too much.
but i'm going to make sure this best friends that i have now, not the same same that bitch.
bye cibai.
sorry people, i was too harsh today. but i'm better now(:
lets do this, lets do this. so looooong never do this(:
i'm in love with a guy name ............ hehe, mentel sah aku
i can't wait to see my best friends to get married and have their own children.
and we meet up. hahaha
bawah dah gatal, nak kawin ah. LOL
saya mahu ada seseorang yang saya selesa. saya mahu orang yang bukan sahaja kawan, tetapi kawan istimewa.
bila agaknya ia tiba?
HAHA -.-