Friday, November 12, 2010

annnnnnnnnnnnd, i saw Z at interchange just now(:
he sat at the railing and face me. homygosh, i keep smiling since just now.
you cakap ngan i macam gini. i love you sampai mati!
Alalalalalalala, CHAK!
waaaaah, i also want lah:B
there's one big dog that was own by my neighbour. i was walking back home and saw one guy throwing rubbish. here's what happend.
i was walking towards my home, when the guy behind me. and suddenly the dog barked loudly.
the guy: 'oh mak kau puki!'
the guy: 'alamak, ni anging tak bagi warning sah'
me: still LAUGHING
saw me laughing and paisey kia already.
the guy: 'alamak, hi'

HAHA -.-
after work, i and GG went to MacD to had our supper together. GG get 2 coupons of free apple pie and i get a coupon free ice cream cone(: we go redeem and buy double cheeseburger and one dollar coke. we gossip and talk funny thing. lmao. GG, let's celebrate countdown together!(: damn, i cannot upload her picture. sian.
wth. is she blind or something? need a spec anot, i can buy for you. why this people exist in this planet-.-"
such a MOFO! she got a innocent face, padahal-padahal. horny, haha. okay, i should stop talking about it. i'm so gross. tomorow meet her, worst nightmare O.O"
the guy who dump me. i bump into him and he text me.
ingat aku spare tyre kau pe? bodo nye mofo!
ahahaha! i know how to do fishtail already. still a begginer.
should i reply anot nie? seee, im so weak , sigh.
i'm so confused liao. macam nak pengsan, sape-sape tangkap aku can? lol -.-
black = sexy.
haha. this guy name afiq tryna sweetalk with me. okay stop it. last time you dump me macam perempuan 20cent. and tibe-tibe kau msg aku cakap rindu lah, mane ade hilang diri. haha. talk cock sia. i think it's time for revenge? hehe.

afiq: 'nak meet kat vista. i'm boredd?'
me: 'so kirekan you nak msg i setakat nak ajak i jumpe you bile you boredd ah ni?'
afiq: 'ish! mane ade.'
me: 'okay. kalau gitu, no thanks.'

waaaaaaaaaah, so preety(:
burah create blog already. yey! but i forgot her url -.- wtf
i got this feeling, aku nak berbual dengan hasif :B
cause i miss him. he never call me for so loooooooong already. working i guess.
aku lemah sangat ke sampai senang kene buat pakai dengan die.
bodoh nye aku -.-"
dalam hidup nie, kite anak-anak pernah ke hormat ibu dan ayah kite. pernah ke kite cakap 'i love you' kat mereka? check handphone korang, gambar sape yang banyak, kawan atau ibubapa kite. tengok inbok awak, msg sape yang awak save dan taknak delete, kawan ke ibubapa kite. bile ibubapa kite tengah tido, ade awak semua selimutkan mereka. kite anak-anak tidak pernah buat ibubapa kite gembira walaupun sehari.

ibubapa kite selalu marah kite, itu kerana mereka sayang kita. mereka tidak mahu kite hidup tanpa kasih sayang. kalau awak sakit, sape jage awak kalau bukan mereka. kalau awak tak ade duit, sape bagi duit kat awak kalau bukan mereka. kalau awak lapar, sape yang masak kan awak.
and i just wonder, when i write this down. do i ever once make them happy and proud of me after all this years?
  1. my parent to go haji / umrah
  2. buy my parent a big house for themselves
  3. my siblings to have a good and stable job
  4. i become a stewardess
  5. my grandmummy live long
  6. i want to see  my grand-daddy my father side cause i'hv never seen him for my whole life
  7. i want my grandmummy to have a never ending good life
  8. i make my parent proud of me in everything
  9. i don't want to asked money from my parent in future, instead give them to my parent
  10. lastly, when my parent retiree, i want to give them a good life and go holiday. i sponsor their trip. i want them to travel around he world, like how they told me(:

it's 2.30 in the morning. i need to sleep. xoxo(: