Tuesday, November 16, 2010

dear god, give me strength.
cause he never forgets you and you shouldn't forget him .
not only in messages, conversation too(:
a guy wrote this in his blog and put this picture.
the guy: i poured all my love and care to her all she say is 'oh' 'lol'
put this picture.
the guy: harap-harap kau kene langgar dengan bus and aku cakap 'oh' 'lol'

can i have your number?
darwin: easy come, easy go
i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant !!

i wanna cry, working morning tomorow):
cannot celebreate hari raya haji. never mind, after worked go home straight!
end of the month, maybe going picnik with burah and darwin at Sentosa.
a big MAYBE.
you handsome, don't smoke later your lungs not healthy(:
i don't mind.
i like guys with long and mess hair. i love to play with their hair HEHE
 lu jangan main-main dengan gue ah joi ?! LOL
yeah, so what?
i want cookies and cream
ape bende ehk kau bobal ngan aku? lol
HAHAHAHAHA! stupid girls -.-
handsome nye dier ..