Thursday, November 11, 2010

dear one, imy )':
One : 'you're beautiful'
well, i don't know why. but i miss qima.
i wonder if she miss me. well, people change when they meet new people.
shouldn't think too much about it.
asal aku emo ni sekarang. -________-
because of his character, i'm attracted to him.
but to think twice, he deserve better. i'm so ugly yet, he's handsome
One: 'can we webcam?'
Me: 'i don't webcam with stranger.'

okay, enough of emotional. i'm bored and hungry. tommorow working afternoon. weeeeeee!~
before going to work. going to meet someone i love . my girlfriend. lol, gonna have lunch together-gather.
HAHA, stupid guy. should try this tactic. but firstly, noone stalk me. HAHA -.-
okay, this is cute to the max ^^
this is call CIKARO . ok lame.
FINALLY!~ i found this perfume -.-
gonna get this end of this month. $85, anything for juicy(:
that time i thought of buying this design. but i buy another design, REGRET!!!!!!!!!
i wanted to buy this type of pants. but dono where to find. or maybe i lazy to find HEHE
i bought the same dress. but don't know when to where. lol
i and burah planning to gather all the girls from our secondary school mates.
and have picnik together at Sentosa. hmmmmmmmm ..
HOLY TITIFCUKIN'! love her hair O.O
HOMYGOSH! superb~

i miss school. okay, not ite-.- but secondary school.
i miss how strict that mrs kok is, i miss cracking joke with my used-to-be-girlfriend, i miss cracking jokes with my walking radio(linda), i miss how our malay guys called liyana(boss), i miss mdm su called lan(fill-in-the-blank), solihin(fortune-teller), hasif(fishing) and fairuz(i forgot, LOL). i still remember we were close with nash and solihin told us that we were act laughing to nash joke just to entertain him haha, i miss mr see and his sharp hair, i miss calling kai bin (ah booooon), i miss eye-candy with my used-to-be-girlfriend outside the window everytime during recess, i miss how 'semangat' fairuz is during science lesson, i miss how fairuz and i tease each other about our watch (LOL), i miss how i hate burah so much(ended up being best friend), i miss how irritating amira was (HAHA), i miss how i and my used-to-be-girlfriend spent our time after school at cwp. eating mr.bean together, laugh together, eat together, cry together, love together, share our secret together. homygosh, am i crying.(LOL), i miss how we used to hangout at tekong with zaki and gang, i miss how Lan irritates me by calling me Charcoal after i came back from OBS cause i'm dark (but i was fun), i miss when hasif did a cock figure with blue-tac(wtf, i know), i miss when the first time i saw hasif and fairuz and thought they're twins(HAHA), i miss how chee hao bash rifdi infront of me(homygosh!), i miss how hasif bash up solihin(fucking hilarious), i miss how hannah and amira fight druring art lesson with miss heng, i miss how i and my-used-to-be-girlfriend laugh when saw miss heng, i miss how hasif always kene suspend(HAHA, wtf -.-), i miss how hasif and rifdi never talk for 1 year, i miss how i'm the first one calling rifdi 'big head' and now everyone follows, i miss sitting beside my-used-to-be-girlfriend and talk bad things from one end of the class room to the other end, i miss how my-used-to-be-girlfriend who cana't tahan her bladder(HAHA) ..
okay, there's tooooo much thing. i can't write it down here.
i'm crying! )':
people! , you should hear their songs. espacially broken sorrow.
brother: 'i want to learn violin'
me: 'wtf?!'

ok, got to go now. i want to eat. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!