Saturday, November 6, 2010

do you remember that you promise me that you'll never forget me after ite?
do you remember we promise to be girlfriend forever?
do you remember how nice i treat you?
do you remember that you promise to pay me here pay me there, but i say nevermind cause you're my girlfriend?
do you remember i'll be your shoulder to cry on when you're sad?
do you remember i'll be your listening ear when you want to tell me your problems?
do you remember you promise me not leave me alone cause you said 'i'll be with you always'.
do you remember you pee at my house floor cause you can't hold your bladder?
do you remember when the first time you got crush on x and you went 'i'm in love with him'?

now, i just wish to fcuk your face.
dear best friend who always accompany me when i'm bored, get well soon(:
so looooong never chilled at my room, reading magazines, on the phone, clean my room etc etc
so busy with attachment
hayley, why you so preety
today at work, doouble the fun. especially working with GG(:
i tell her joke, she laughed like noone business.
After worked, went to MacD to had our late dinner. we ate two double chesse burger. now, i feel dizzy :O

i want to be fair):
love is like the wind. you can't see but you can feel
omg. he's attach. aku da terlambat.
'sampaikan lah salam, cintaku pada nya.'
so don't waste your youth life
i want to try to be a nerd. hah
okay, should i take o level or do diploma? -.- im confuse!
NOW, i need someone to talk to. someone who can listen to my blahblahblah and my problem. please?
to think carefully, my life suck. but i just realise it now.
mummy always say it's not good to run away from you problems, cause you're making it worst.
i can feel your heartbeat, he said to me, i can feel your heartbeat.
i'm off till wednesday.
SUNDAY: went out with family to someone wedding.
MONDAY: went out with family to Singapore Flyer(:
TUESDAY: out with first brother to go shopping/picnik/movie marathon/fish manhattan(:
WEDNESDAY: no plans, haha
i used to be shy, but brother told me 'kalau kau malu-malu, kau tak akan maju'
GIRLS, you don't have to be sexy to look preety or just for the sake of attracting guys.
maruah babe, maruah(:
eeeee, i hate girls who smoke. espacially, when the girl trying to show off that she smoke and i don't.
i like how she draw her eyeliner. and she got a sexy lips.
armpit clean hehe
i want to have a goooooood sleep tonight.
btw, the girl nose hole look somehow funny. haha
love her hair colour and eyebrows. 
i miss my secondary school mates): but not that bitch opsss
when's the next outing?
x: 'look me in the eye babe'
me: 'ok *turning facing him* okay wait i nak berak'
x: 'pantat lah you'
me: 'HAHAHA'
her face looks like she's on drugs o.O
i miss having boyfriend. but to think of it, i love being single:B
I GAIN 2kg BUT LOSS 3kg -.-
it's 2.50am. and, i'm bored):
can't wait to wear my maxi dress(:
long legs = sexy
today i talked to someone at msn. i don't know why i feel so happy o.O
GG, lets hangout together with dini, fai , asyikin and afiqah. confirm will be kecoh(:

ok, i'm tired already.