Tuesday, November 2, 2010

 for so looooooooooong!
can we?
today i went to town. i bought shirt, pants, shoes, maxi dress and first brother shirts.
i'm a happy girl
coco chanel(:
i was so close to buy chanel top. but ended up, i buy marc jacobs top (:
i saw this camera at Bugis and Cineleisure. 98bucks, i want to buy!
buy i got my Sony nex-3 already ):
i'm right here you idiot. but you never turn up
there's this shade/sunglass at cineleisure. 130bucks, i want! so retro.
went to scape park. wahpingeh! hot guys alot, so long never see alot of hot guys at one shot.
HAHA -.-
i want to do meni and pedi !
her lips so mintak kene cium.
double-decker bed, like my bed.
mine below like heaven, so nice. first brother at the top, like hell. so dirty, haha.
i bought this kind of top. i like!
look at my make-ups. haha. no lah, i'm not into make-ups anyway.
M&M like to stared at us -.- no life
i'm so tired liao. nak someone to bobok me.
i forget to buy new nail polish. dang. i need to colour my nails.
first brother wants to throw mimi away. but daddy say NO. yey. i love daddy(:
guys remember, we're first. haha
we're no lesbian, we're just GIRLFRIEND
don't play with me, meooooooow!
next plan with girlfriend, BEACH!
and i bumped into best friend, fairuz again in the bus! haha.
i don't like you, taylor. but i like your ex-boyfriend
you guys need to know this!!!
some random guy who called himself 'ayid' msg me. i was like who the hell is he sia. asked me to update his number. he said he have my number. but i cannot remember who. now he keep msging me. ns men, i asked which camp. never reply. confirm fake. he asked me to introduce myself. i was like wtf -.-"
 there's this guy which i always bumped into whenever i'm with Burah. I told Burah that he is good looking. and we kept bumping into each other. seriously. and we bumped into him and his friends at town just now. he smiled at Burah -.- so jealous. nevermind. haha. and when we chilled at Scape MacD. Saw them again. and the guy was like pointing at us and he look cheerful, i guess.  We laughed and so do Zizi. And Zizi was like 'eh, asal aku senyum sak. aku gay per?' HAHA. Homygosh! at least he smiled while pointing at us. haha. wtf farah, tu pon kau suke. we called him white guy o.O
dear white guy, can i bump into you again? by then, i want to smile at you. haha
i sedar, i senang jatuh cinta
i want to cut my hair like her.
Planning for double-date.
Mummy mood so good. She buy for me Coach wallet. i love you.
dear one, should i forget about you?
i'm in love with mummy cousin's son. so handsome. he is 10years old(:
weird, azlan send a random msg to me. luls.
anw, it's 2 in the morning. have been sleeping at and wake up early. i got pandan eye already. need to have a good rest already. going to stay home tomorow. maybe going out with first brother, guess so. okay, i wanna sleep.