Wednesday, November 3, 2010

HAHAHAHA! i cannot stop laughing
da puas pakai aku
mimi (my cat) , you can never be replaced.
only by reading this, i know whats love
burah, i can't stop thinkning of him.
ahhhhhh, there you are.
you handsome lah. i nak your number.
i was talking to first brother about next year plan.

me: 'i was thinking of taking O's next year.'
brother: 'yah good. i rather you study than working like now.'
me: ''expensive anot?' 
brother: 'tell you what, i'm gonna pay of the expenses of your O's. as long as you promise me you do well.'
me: 'try my best though.'
brother: 'you're 18 next year right?'
me: 'yah'
brother: 'then i sponsor you car license'
me: 'confirm perr?'
brother: 'yes'
me: 'ok set! *WIDE SMILE*'
O's here i come! (:
serious shit, first brother going off tomorow. i cannot see him.
i work morning tomorow)':
muke you macam dini. luls
i'm a single lady, i'm a single lady
i'm thinking of going holiday with best friend to malaysia. cause mummy say can go negeri sembilan and stay at mak long's house. seems damn fun. but i'm sure best friends can't go. cause to far way. luls. anyone? i need to go holiday already. it's NOVEMBER!
okay, i can already imagine how fun we are at port dickson. homygosh, so fun!
(above picture)


HAHA wtf, i know.
i love my girlfriend. and she's in love with the guy who smiled at her yesterday.
Jealous but for what, i got mimi to kiss me everday. luls. i'm glad shes found someone though(:
okay, korang pilih sape untok korang. haha, lame -.-
i and my girlfriend don't smoke. good ah, so i'm not a passive smoker when i'm around her. haha.
pillow fight, I NAK JOIN
i tak sabar nak ade license. i nak keluar ngan my kawan dengan kereta i(:
beach you wait okay. i and burah will come and visit you with our new dress. wait for us.
i don't know how we're so close now.
we're enemies during secondary school. and we hate each other, talked bad things behind their back, seldom talk to each other.
but after we met during this year teacher's day. we went to pool after that. and starts to contact each others. asked if they're free anot. and became so close, that we started to called each others best friends/girlfriend. weird but it's reality(: