Wednesday, November 3, 2010

hello you so preety, can i have your number
he was the best, but i can't have him cause he can get more preety girls.
dear one, i love your music. so does the person
long hair so boring already. i want short hair
so good. guys no need make up(:
so boring. Thursday first brother go KL alone for 5days. he want to rest his mind and release his stress there. later i'm all alone at home -.- i want to follow him, but i have attachment. alaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
yesterday got so many shirtless guys ~.~
today stay at home. okay wait, follow brother go buy his tickets):
i love their show
okay, this is cute. i want also, but kena wait. haha
dear everybody, if you're in love tell them that they love you before it is too late.
Don't make yourself suffer and regret of not telling them.
lulu. he is so handsome~
she's so preety.
during secondary school, she said to me that she didn't want to wear something open. It's a sins. at the end of the day, she wear something open. Lul~ stupid. think before you say anything aye. sometimes, when you're in ite, you're friend change you from a girl to arrogant bitch. depends. kalau terasa dier yang terasa pedas k. later in future, naked. bye.
you punya rambut maut ah
making love ain't easy as it look. you gotta try harder.
first thing guys will search for. nipple. haha, right?