Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i got to know one guy. we're just totally strangers. we chat, he don't know me and i don't know him.
he showed me one of his picture, and i notice he have a tattoo on his collar bone. so i asked him, if he regret doing tattoo cause it's a sin. i thought he gonna say 'yes'. but he said no. first in my mind was, wth. but he continued, 'cause i'm doing this because of art and i love the pain. when i'm down, or i hurt someone like my mum. i punish myself with this pain. but please, i don't do tattoo just to show off or i'm in a gang.' and, i was amazed by his anwser.

i know some people will be like 'ape sah bobal ngan orang tak kenal'. i don't need your comment, i'm just sharing. when you talk to strangers .. okay wait, i need to go work already. bye. i'll continue later k(: