Monday, November 8, 2010

i had a good time with girlfriend today with my family (:
everyday iron my hair, later my hair botak):
okay, i don't want to gossip about her anymore. peace -.-
love her hair
like angelina jolie tattoo design
her pants, wahpingeh!
people angry already. sorry, peace no war k.
everybody is on her side, do you know how suck it feels? no, so don't tell us what to do.
pissed off already.
i always think of telling him. but why should i tell him? he deserve better than me.
i suck at love.
okay, buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih. bye.
tomorow going out with Burah. mayb with zizi? double fun
yes, you. mummy and daddy, who else?
i'm die. i'll be gone. i want to mia. byebye.
cause i hate people around me. don't understand, tsk.
i hate you, you and the one beside you.
i know i'm bad tempered, i know i'm selfish, i know i can't forget the past, i know i'm arrogant, i know i can forgive but can't forget. but all i want him to do is be there. JUST BE THERE, hard enough?
ADAM DOBET (: he's my only favourite cousin.
what for saying sorry if i'm not sincere. so better not
except my family, my cat, my girlfriend.