Friday, November 26, 2010

i was chatting with the guy. talking in minah and mat way. LMAO!

HIM: youh darhs mamams ?
ME: i darh mamams. you darh mamams lom? narq i teman tarq?
HIM: yourh shuweet sehy. i cyq youh.

ain't no sunshine when he's gone.
they're cute. but i don't collect them. HEHE

ME: i pon cyq yourh larh. amaciam niarie, okieh?
HIM: B, yourh mish i tarq? B, niarie tuh ape? HAHAHAHA !!


when you talk to stranger, for me. i like it, cause we only know each other name but never seen each other before. cause we both agree to it. okay, i have to say this in malay.

macam kau berbual dengan orang yang kau tak kenal dan tak pernah jumpe. abeh korang berbual pasal problems korang, share each other opinion, bual pasal lelaki/perempuan. i like, pasal kite dengan rase senang nye untuk beritahu dier. pasal kalau dier nak bilang ngan orang lain pon bukan dier kenal kawan aku pon(: ok, kalau tak faham diam. HAHA
white girl with frackles on her face = sexy HAHA random
why today both of my bestie so saaaaaaad ? ): buat hati gua risau
jangan sedih - sedih k. nanti muke tue takde orang nak. HEHE
i want to grow my hair until it touches my arse but now my hair length is under my breast. wait long long k farah -.-
i want my hair to be straight not curly. so common.
outing on monday with burah, darwin and hasif. a big MAYBE, i guesss.
tomorow working afternoon and today Simon very cute HEHE
I saw someone taking something at the display. when i turn, Simon was trying to take away the item. but he put it back. Cute sial kau HAHA
kalau pakai macam gini tak dosa, confirm i pakai tunjuk badan i yang sexy LOL memang aku kental
if a cigarettes box cost $1, i'm a guy and smoking doesn't kill me or make my lungs weak, trust me, i smoke (:
kaki you lawa, takde kurap macam kaki i. but kaki i ade cap bekas kene exhaust pipe. kes nak try on motor, sekali kene exhaust pipe HAHAHAHAHA !
i'm tired , i want to sleep soon (:
asal dek ni tak online nie ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?
i thought of putting this at my profile picture but eee .. muke macam kene main. ok bye :D