Saturday, November 13, 2010

i'm ugly and i'm sure he wouldn't look at me. jeling pon tak nak  (:
when i'm down. i want a guy to held my head up and say 'i'm here'
working was tired. tired of waiting for customer? there's not even a rush -.-
so boring. tomorow working afternoon. boooooooo~
it's 13 November 2010. and i haven't start my project. anyone got microsoft powerpoint?
i want to do my project ):
are you giving me a hint. cause if you do, it's not clear. haha
i want to be a suprewoman  lah. i want to multi-tasking. so worried about my project.
havent even started O.O
today went to work.
raining + thunder = scary.
i hate raining and a loud thunder. i very the scared. so i called daddy to pick me up. wait for him under the blk for 45mins -.-"
tell me that killing / shooting someone is not a crime. heeh~
Mrs yeo, can i not come on 22nd? hehe(:
i'm sooooooooooooo not ready for a comeback to school.
cause i haven't do my project + my timeline = i'll be dead
anyone, can i come your house to do my project. i'm desperate!  i want to cry )":
i planned already. i want to finish my project on tuesday. my two off days. go to someone house to do.
this time, no playplay.or i receive no certificate from ite O.O
i wonder if hasif working anot? ^^
dear best friends, better have a meet up on december after mr. fairuz finish his exams!
if not, putus ah putus! haha  yelah tuh nak putus friendship, padahal i sayang korang sume.
eeee, aku mentel nyer ^^
jom kite main! ehk, ape nie pikir bukan-bukan, main kat lah.
kotor ehk otak korang
me: 'da besar korang eh'
everybody laughing :D
*picture above*
'bawah i gatal, nak scretch uh'
kalau aku kacau hidup kau bilang aku k(:
my prepaid finish yesterday.
mummy : 'alah, ibu dah top-up kan prepaid alah dekat atm ibu. ibu baru belajah dari kawan ibu tau. ibu da pandai'
me: 'confirm bo?'
mummy: 'huh? cili bo?'

HAHAHA! my only mummy very cute lah.
nowadays, i feel like i only got one brother. what to do -.-
let's see if my second brother come back home today and sleep at home.
me: 'mak kau sume da tido?'
burah: 'dah'

after hang up the phone with her.

mummy: 'ape nie kau panggil mak kau! tak baik tau. ibu tak suke.'
me: 'abeh nak panggil ape?'
mummy: 'cakap lah, ibu kau dah tido belum. kan sopan.'
me: 'lelaki pompan pon?'
mummy: 'yes. ibu tak suke.'
me: yelah, intan payung. haha"

i miss someone right now. my second brother, he's been missing from our family since he meet his girlfriend. i don't know if i should blame her or not. he have been spending less time with us. when he book out, he always out somewhere with his girlfriend. i don't know who to turn to and share my problems. i don't want to tell my mummy. i don't want to put more burden to her. i don't want her to be sad. can i have my old brother back? i miss him. as i'm wriiting this down, crying, i wonder if he still cared.
kalau aku mati besok, kau rindu aku tak?
kalau aku ade satu hari untuk hidup, kau luang kan masa untuk aku tak ?
kalau aku kene kidnap, kau cari aku tak?
kalau aku kene bunuh, kau cari pembunuh tu tak?
kalau aku kene pukul, kau selamatkan aku tak?
kalau aku nangis, kau bagi aku tissue tak?
kalau aku sakit, kau suap aku ubat tak?
aku terfikir pulak.
you smile, i smile. hehe, justin beiber song.
Dimana Katamu Yang Dulu
Sebelum bercinta denganmu,
Dirimu selalu berkata,
Katamu akan bersamaku,
Disamping ku selalu ..  love the lyrics, since when am i jiwang man? haha
hasif, jom ajar gue main guitar lagi 'dimana katamu yang dulu' haha ..
i like when a tall guy, put his hand over her girlfriend shoulder.
i don't know why, but when i see people do that. i get jealous. haha
daddy: 'semalam pagi bobal ngan sape?'
me: 'sape lagi, kawan lah.'
daddy: 'kawan-kawan, sekali matair ehhh' *mentel look*
me: 'kawan lah ayah.'
daddy: 'cine ke melayu?'
me: 'melayu. kan ayah dengar alah bobal melayu ngan dier'
daddy: 'kalau cine, nak matair ngan kau, boleh. but kene cebok pakai tangan lepas berak. jangan pakai tissue. HAHA'
me: 'HAHAHAHAHA! mepek ah ayah!'

 this is one of the reason why i love my dad. he's going operation on 23rd):
at least i got my cat to love and kiss  HEHE
very romantic.
tsunami come, we die together.