Wednesday, November 17, 2010

most about me stalking some people, about my fantasy for one OMG
should i or should i not straight my hair tomorow?
caaaaaaaaaaan ? )':
now i'm on the phone with hasif. called burah but no connection, she should be on the phone with darwin.
annnnnnnnnnnd hasif is so stubborn of not telling me what's his problem. degil juga ya ni kawan satu ni. haha (:
cadbury .
someday. but when, i don't want to wait for tooooooo long.
today there's soooo many people missed call me. hehe. either i'm working. or i'm sleeping.
after when back from work, entertain my cousins. i went to my room and sleep. ACCIDENTALLY, hehe. tomorow will be working morning, and after that meeting burah? maybe.
i don't want to go school on monday. i don't want to submit my project. i don't want to present my powerpoint. walauwei ~
her hand soooo long. remind me of rifdi. i don't know why. maybe cause he have long hands too, i guess?
i wanna go cycling sooooon. end of the month? well, guess gonna plan with burah and darwin 'bout that.
i want to keep a long fringe. i don't wanna cut anymore. no short fringe! ugly. haha
i love her hair and i love her dresses
is it me or the pictures that are bored.
anyways, i like lace since i met burah. HAHA
i know asif keeping something sad to himself. i keep tring to figure it out, but he's too tough? haha. i don't know. maybe he will tell me one day. he's sucha strong guy in the outside, but in the inside padahal padahal. LOL.

aku lah hati yang telah kau sakiti ..

i'm screwed. totally. no powerpoint to do my project. deadline monday.
burah got planned and no time to borrow her lappy. im dead im dead.
noooooow, i'm trying to asked rifdi to help meee. my last chance. OMG
nooooooow, when rifdi give me the link. i become nerd suddenly.
ikr (:

dang! i don't know what to do already )':
meoooooooow! rifdi, please help me. LOL