Sunday, November 21, 2010

i don't know why i'm avoiding some people. am i mad ? haha , no lah. my credit / prepaid finish. HAHA
i don't know why. but this is for one. puck me and you.
understand that we're still young to be in relationship.
even god don't approve of BGR thing. in semua cinta monyet .
HAHAHA. puck !
my mimi ; cat (:
I enjoy 110% yesterday :D
you know what.
 it's good to have a 26 years-old brother who have a good career , not married and no girlfriend.
cause he can pamper his only sister with gifts like ; laptop, sony nex-3 camera, universal studios tickets, victoria secrets perfume, watch, food, clothes, pants, shoes, wardrobe, handphones etc etc ..
Gaji masok can ketok - ketok. hehe (:
PUCK YOU , no link to anyone yeeet .
wtpuck ? LOL.